Bestselling smartwatch under 5000

Bestselling smartwatch under 5000

Smartwatches have been a fashion statement. They look trendy and are also lightweight. Not just this, they are an amazing health tracker. With COVID-19 on the rise, people have started realizing the importance of health and therefore, they seem to be inclined towards different brands of smartwatches. But there are only a few brands that offer all the features of being the bestselling smartwatch in India. Some of these features which a buyer should check before buying a smartwatch are here:

  • Gross Weight of the Watch (both with and without strap)
  • Charging Time Required & it’s uptime before requiring next charge
  • Options of smartwatch bands available online (changeable bands)
  • Watch face in mm (to check whether it suits your wrist size)
  • Accuracy of its health tracker (SPO2, Blood Pressure/ Heart Rate)
  • Responsiveness to step checker by walking down each step

Only a few watch brands in India offer all this under 5k. AQfit watches are one of the best smartwatches online. It is available online in India on all leading platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. It has all the required features of a trendy and bestselling smartwatch of India. It is a completely make in India product and offers warranty and after-sales query handling. AQfit watches start at a reasonable rate of 2599 INR and you can easily buy this bestselling smartwatch in India under 5000. It comes in different colors and designs, looks stylish and is unisex. It is a perfect gifting option for someone you love or care for. You can  buy AQfit watches directly from www.aqfit.in


bestselling smartwatch bestselling smartwatch


Uniquely Amazing Feature: Different watch faces

AQFit watch comes with 7 watch faces so that you NEVER GET BORED! Experience the fun of seven wearable watches in just one. It comes in digital, chronograph, colorful, black and white, neon and many other latest display options.

Two super watch faces: Rectangular and Circular Watch

Circular and rectangular are the two star designs which have swept up off the market its earnest lovers. AQfit also offers a range of air pods which are priced just right to be afforded by anyone. Smartwatches are not just visually attractive but offer more features than a traditional watch. Aqfit comes up with different models of watches that have full-touch screen display and are waterproof. The big display helps the user to scroll through the menu, view messages and other notifications.

Anti-Lost Feature of AqFit Smartwatches

We often leave our watches somewhere and forget while we are rushing to office. So, Aqfit gives you an anti-lost feature that connects your watch with your phone and when you tap Find my Watch on your phone, the watch beeps so that you can grab it on the go. Whenever you are making up a mind to buy a smartwatch, look at AQfit collection of budget watches with supreme quality. Gift it on birthdays, anniversaries or just like that! It is the fastest and bestselling smartwatch in India.

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