Gift someone Aqfit special & best smartwatch on this Festive Season

Gift someone Aqfit special & best smartwatch on this Festive Season

Is your friend’s birthday or anniversary just in the bag? Are you confused what gift to buy for that special someone? We get you sorted here with some of the best smartwatch brought to you by Aqfit. These are a range of affordable and best smartwatches in India. Aqfit smartwatches come in 7 models and are loved by the millenials. Being a unisex watch, it is a perfect gift for anybody and yes, why can’t gift it to yourself to feed your ‘Self Love’ and ‘Pampering’. Budget Watches in India are not very tough to find but what’s really a task is to find a watch that meets all the criteria of being the best smartwatch. Usually, smartwatches in India are very good fitness trackers that allow you to keep a close watch on time as well as on your health. Next time, you are in market and buying a birthday or anniversary gift for someone, binge in and explore best smartwatches in the store or buy online for added convenience.


Best smartwatch you can buy on special occasions:


Aqfit W5Edge


Recently launched Aqfit W5 watches are hotselling in the smartwatch market at an attractive introductory price of just 2499 INR. It is a rectangular dial smartwatch with silicon strap. It is a light weight and water resistant watch which is a budget-friendly gift for someone. 


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Aqfit W15 Smartwatch


Aqfit W15 smartwatch is an ideal for any type of wrist owing to its circular dial. It comes with varied colors silicon straps which makes this watch irritation-free, skin-friendly and all-day wear watch. You can pick your favorite color of smartwatch and also can switch between 8 different watch faces. It is priced at just 3699 INR.



Aqfit W9 Smartwatch


This is a smartwatch with super battery life and several sports mode. This smart watch tops in elegance and seamlessness. It has a professional look and a stand by time of 30 days which is great in smartwatch segment. It is pocket-friendly and is on sale at an introductory price of 4299 INR.

There is no better gift than a ‘Fitness Tracker’


A smartwatch is a trendy pick as it is your partner to track your fitness too. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can pair it with your phone and view messages, play & navigate music and attend calls at a swipe.  Wouldn’t you wish that your ‘someone special’ thinks about you whenever they are on a long walk, jogging, gymming or just sitting in office attending calls with the help of trendy Aqfit smartwatches? The best smartwatch is the one that is rechargeable, has long-lasting battery if charged once, is lightweight, has Bluetooth connectivity & can help in attending calls or reading messages. All these top features come in Aqfit smartwatch which is a top selling smartwatch on leading e-commerce websites line Amazon and Flipkart.


So, gift someone special the best smartwatch you can buy.


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