Which android smartwatch to buy?

Which android smartwatch to buy?

In the era of matching accessories, matching shoes and matching other things, teens are starting to love matching android smartwatches. They wish to have one for each day of the month. Most importantly, not the normal watches but an android smartwatch to be precise. Another major concern amongst watch lovers is to buy a smartwatch which is pocket-friendly and in your budget. Aqfit android smartwatches come in many models like W5 Edge, W15, W10, W9 and many more. These android smart watch starts at an affordable price of 1999 INR and goes upto 3699 INR. Aqfit android smartwatch are an ideal choice if you are looking for  a budget gift for someone or are buying it for self.

Android smartwatch has Bluetooth connectivity with all the leading android smartphones making it all the more superior in its list of features.

The other features of Aqfit android smartwatch are:

Carbon Fibre Back Case
Carbon fibre back case of Aqfit android smart watch comes with high tensile strength. It is durable and makes the watch a super strong accessory to carry. Due to carbon fibre back case, the smartwatch stays protected against high and low temperatures. It is a boon and is also great for extreme climates.

Sleek Design
The android smartwatch that is super sleek is design can be an everyday wear which can be styled with office or college attire. Its sleek design and lightweight material makes it an ideal choice equally amongst girls and boys and men and women.

Health Tracker
The health tracker in Aqfit android smartwatch also runs close to precise and tracks the user for heart rate, so2, blood pressure, steps taken and much more. This fitness tracker makes the smartwatch a work and gym wear so that in your busy schedules, you do not leave behind your health regimes.

Big Display
Aqfit android smartwatches have big display and are still a lightweight casual accessory. The big display in this android smartwatch enables the user to view messages and notifications. Every android smartwatch is a masterpiece and if you carry it with style, you are surely getting numerous compliments.

Android smartwatches with their super powerful Bluetooth feature connects your android smartphone with a watch so that you can keep your hands free while driving, jogging and doing other tasks that refrain you from picking up the phone. Not just this, just a touch on your smartwatch shall let you attend a phone call. It is just so much easier with android smartwatch.

All android smartwatches are measured on a balance of level of superior Bluetooth connectivity. If the Bluetooth connectivity with your android smartwatch is not good, you won’t prefer it as a user. So, for watch manufacturing companies, it is important to do a prior R&D so that they do not fall short of a market for its android smartwatches.

Next time, when you buy a smartwatch, look at the features it provides both in normal and sports mode. Having such a utility filled android smartwatch will let watch manufacturers sweep off the android smartwatch market.

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